UDDER Ring Holder


A ring is a “hello” on your finger. Ring is an important accessory that reflects your style. The ring you wear on your finger is one of the ways you project yourself out. It’s kind of a way of saying “hello” to the other person. A ring holder is a “hello” to yourself. If “a ring is a “hello” on your finger then the ring holder is a way of saying “hello” to yourself, as it is something you buy yourself with your own taste. LATTUGA ring holders are carefully designed for you to say “hello” to yourself.


It is handmade ceramic. Since it is handmade, it may differs slightly according to the photo and product colors may vary because of glazing process.

It is made of Bilecik mud.
** It is produced on a personal order. After we receive your order, we start production and deliver it to you within 6 weeks to add color to your room.


Width: 4,5 cm
Length: 9 cm
Height: 9 cm


Degree: Firing at 950 degrees.