First of all, thank you for visiting LATTUGA, the online destination for unique and handmade ceramics.


LATTUGA” means “lettuce” in Italian. First we started to think about the concept of freshness by the name “fresh”, that will leave a refreshing effect in to our brand. Therefore, the first thing that comes to mind was “lettuce”. Afterwards, we thought that LATTUGA ceramics came out of the kiln as pure and “fresh” was the feeling, which led us to the name “LATTUGA” thus we named the brand. Having this sense of freshness also means loving the lettuce plant, emoji, and color. We think lettuce has a superior energy.


Our slogan is: It is totally “fresh”. Our productions are made after having your orders. LATTUGA ceramics produced with imagination, to nourish your soul.


These handmade and unique ceramics add color to your life and beauty to your home. We as a LATTUGA brand, believe that each color has a different beauty of charm and having different energy. We position ourselves in your lifestyle as the soul nourishing colorful brand.


LATTUGA is a brand that has lithochromatic products and aims to combine them with colorfully hued people, these are the people who love energetic waves of colors, who need to nourish their souls colorfully. Every color with combinations anıd depths makes LATTUGA beautiful.

As a LATTUGA brand, we have many lines.


We don’t fit ourselves into a single mold. We love innovation and change. And we believe that each color has its own unique depth of beauty. And we sell unique products. Our brand does not copy other brands. Our brand has its own style and soul.


We think every human being is created uniquely and we offer them unique products.


Since our ceramic products are both unique in design and handmade, they are customized even if they are produced under the same product title. The same is not possibly produced, because each are handmade, with variations.


We look forward to you being part of our LATTUGA family.